Our History

A group of Church Ministers, Community Leaders and people with experience of social care formed The Huddersfield Afro-Caribbean Council of Churches and Associates in 1993 (HACCCA). The organisation was established due to the concerns the members had about the lack of social welfare provision targeted at Black elders. The group were aware that there were increasing numbers of Black elders within the community who needed home help but were reluctant to access the mainstream provision. This was due to the specialist needs of Black elder’s e.g. cultural awareness, language/patois, food etc.

Our aims and objectives were and still remain non-religious, but are underpinned by strong Christian Beliefs and a sense of Charity. Through their determination and commitment to their cause Carib Care was formed in 1995. The organisation was committed to bringing about significant improvements in the availability and standard of social welfare services for the Afro-Caribbean community across Huddersfield and Kirklees.

We redefined our core values in 2004 and became a Social Enterprise i.e. “an organisation that uses earned income strategies to pursue a social objective”. We want to fulfil mission and objectives without having to survive at any cost. Our appeal and social relevance is our commitment to provide a quality public service, not to shadow a private sector that is driven solely by profit. We decided to recommit to our service provision for all elders within Kirklees. The Board had considered changing our company’s objects during the last year when it became increasingly apparent that the existing objects would not match the future aspirations. We emerged as regional specialist in care provision in Extra Care Sheltered Housing Schemes and received recognition for its work with Older People from Ethnic Minority Communities. However, the bulk of the work is in the provision of care for local white older people, so in view of this we changed to Unique Care Providers.